Resinous flooring that surpasses expectations.

If you are looking for a long term flooring solution for your facility, restaurant, or business then you are in the right place. Dekscape specializes in the installation of the best epoxy, urethane and acrylic flooring systems from the best and most trusted manufacturers in the business. We know what you expect and what to expect due to our over 30 years combine experience and thousands of projects under our belt installing epoxy resinous flooring systems. You can rest assure that our extensive experience in the business means we can complete your project in the most effective and efficient way possible and get you back to business as usual with the new floor you deserve.

Restaurant owners! Need a floor but can't lose the revenue from a shut down? We have a flooring system that can be installed after the restaurant closes at night and have you back in business the next morning.

Facility Manager and Owners! Need a flooring system and you almost never shut down? Our crews almost never stop working. holidays, weekend breaks in the middle of the night, whatever you got. Give us at least 36 hours and we'll get rid of that tired worn-out floor that keeps you on the USDA inspectors radar.

Medical, Pharmaceutical and Veterinary
Need a sterile, safe, and FDA approved floor system? Look no further. We have flooring system solutions that are guaranteed to meet your toughest demands.

Did we forget anyone! No matter what your project, no matter what your challenge, no matter what your time frame we have a floor system that will solve your problems!

Dekscape - Resinous Flooring Work