Polished Concrete and what we do that matters.

If you are in the market looking for a well-established, qualified and knowledgeable polished concrete contractor to handle your upcoming polished concrete project then look no further.  . We have numerous skilled tradesmen that are certified by the Concrete Polishing council with over 500,000 sq’ of polished concrete under our belts, and with over a quarter million dollars in owned out right equipment we offer you peace of mind knowing that your project is in great hands and will get done on time and on budget.

Now that you know that we’re the right contractor for your project half the process is take care of. The other half is knowing what polished concrete is and what it is not . If you are already know what it is then your all set, if not then below is everything that you need to know about polished concrete in order to make a good educated decision about this flooring choice.


  1. Polished concrete is not concrete that has a shiny clear coat applied over it to make it glossy. Polished concrete that is done correctly does not have any topical film forming sealers.
  1. Polished concrete is not a good flooring choice for use in an environment that is acidic, or corrosive. Since polished concrete does not have a film forming sealer applied over it acidic chemicals can dull the finish and even etch the finish away all together.
  1. Polished concrete is not slippery when done correctly. This may seem contradictory to logic but trust us it is not slippery. A correctly done polished concrete floor that has been diamond ground as part of the honing process has thousands of tiny un-noticeable pours per square inch. These pours are just about un-noticeable to the naked eye. These pours act similar to tentacles that allow shoes and other footwear to grip to the floor even if the floor is wet.
  1. Polished concrete is not a good option for a design element that depends heavily on consistency.  Concrete by its very nature is inconsistent in finish and there for having  the expectation of 100% consistency is un realistic with this flooring type.

Now that all the not’s are out of the way you’re probably wondering when and where can I use polished concrete, well in short everywhere else. As long as your project does not have any of the above items to contend with polished concrete is an excellent design choice for aesthetics, cost effectiveness, low maintenance and increased light reflectivity which leads to reduced need for artificial lighting. Polished concrete can even add LEED Credits to your project.

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