The importance of good surface preparation.

When it comes to surface prep Dekscape take this very seriously. Many contractors and owners don't put much importance on surface prep.

Proper surface prep is an extremely important step in the application of new floor coatings, liquid, tile or otherwise. If it's new construction or a remodel proper surface prep is critical for the longevity of your project. All Industrial coating manufactures specifically call out for detailed surface prep in their specifications for their coating systems.

The International Concrete Repair Institute ( ICRI) has created a Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) chart for all manufactures and contractors to follow. Dekscape is a full service surface prep company, we have all the right machines for the job from large floor grinding machines, to Blastrac shot blasters, to ride on floor removal machines. Dekscape services all of Florida and can take on any sized surface prep project from 80 mil waterproofing systems, ceramic tile, VCT, adhesives, epoxy coatings, traffic coating systems and just about any thing else that is stuck on concrete you want removed and if need be we can even remove the concrete.

Dekscape - Surface Preparation Work