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Colored & Polished Concrete 
Color stained concrete and polished concrete are rapidly becoming big business, many large retail and wholesale corporations are having all of their new stores and existing store converted to polished concrete due to the fact that it's more cost effective over the long run with savings not only on front end be mostly on the back end, maintenance is considerably lower and there is nothing to remove and replace after 5 to 10 years during a remodel. also there are a lot of colors and patterns that can be incorporated into the polished concrete process making it a great choice for restaurants, smaller retail establishments, and automotive repair shops. Please see below for more options release to this product.
Industrial Protective Liquid Applied Coatings for Concrete 
Industrial protective liquid coatings are a huge industry in the United States and through out the world. Many architects, owners, and facility owner down play the role of protecting the surface they utilize to run their operations. Lets face it you walk, drive, and store products all over the floor in your facility 24 / 7 and how often do you really look down to see the condition of the floor. Some may answer never while some may answer all the time, but be assured that when things start to go wrong with your flooring system, if you have one it defiantly gets your attention. Thats why it's extremely important to have the right protective coating for the job. From moisture barriers to coatings that are strong enough to drive steel track excavators on to high end decorative epoxy floors Dekscape can design, specify and install the right product for your project.
When It comes to liquid protective concrete coatings there are many variables to take into consideration and these variables can be very confusing to many architects, owners, and facility operators. Typically owners will depend on their designer or architect to utilize the right coating for the project, but many times designers will only specify products that have been solicited to them from manufactures sales reps. Architects are professionals at designing the building and layout, but they are not industrial protective coating experts, and so sub par products get specified many times. Dekscape understands the strengths and weaknesses of the different products in the market place. The truth is different products will provide higher levels of protection on the concrete over others but at the same time as the level of protection goes up typically the decorative feature goes down. so when selecting a coating for your project you will need to choose the factor that is most important to you, protective or decorative. Below is a list of the most widely used liquid protective concrete coatings available.
Please browse through the following coatings we have tried to offer all the available information that is pertinent to each type of coating listed below 
Colored & Polished Concrete
Acid Stained Flooring
Industrial Liquid Applied Protective Coatings 

Moisture Vapor Transmission Barriers
Methyl Methacrylate ( MMA) Coatings
Urethane Based Coatings
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